Here for you, your loved ones, and your business. 

Getting tested for COVID-19 is not an emergency, but it may be urgent.
Let us reduce the stress of getting tested.
Our licensed clinical professionals will come to you.

If you need to be tested at home, at a hotel while traveling, in between meetings at the office, at a worksite, for a wedding or special event, contact us!  
Same-day appointments may be available. 

Stellar Service and
Reliable PCR test results
  • Why take time away from the office?

  • Why delay your travel or your next event?

  • Why disrupt your film production or construction site?

  • Why wait days for an appointment and risk exposure on long lines?​​

  • Why not ensure your workplace and home are COVID negative?

And keep it moving!

Brainstorming with Mask
Film Student
COVID-19 Testing and Surveillance Programs Available

 The Benefits of Our Service:

  • Access to a team of personable licensed professionals

  • Flexible scheduling- same-day appointments may be available

  • Specimen collection where it’s convenient for you

  • Nasal or oral PCR specimen collection is offered

  • Gold standard PCR testing with a CLIA certified lab partner

  • Electronic results notification within 24 hours