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About Us


Platinum Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (PHS) is a New York-based boutique healthcare consulting and project management firm.   We are multifaceted, providing clients with relevant skills and experience to address their needs. Although based in New York, PHS's services have spanned several states and avails to clients globally. In every service we provide, we are steadfast in our commitment to our core values and building meaningful relationships with our clients. 

Sherlon McKenzie, a Registered Nurse with a wealth of experience in various healthcare arenas, bore PHS out of her passion for excellence and doing things “properly.” Since 2010, we have been responsive to calls to deliver solutions to health-related organizations. Our focus lies in improving the quality of care and service through consulting, project management, education, and fostering the right relationship between health professionals and career opportunities. With more than half a century of professional experience collectively, the team at PHS serves as a tool and resource in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.


Our team is licensed and certified professionals in clinical care management, healthcare operations, quality management, curriculum development, education, and recruitment. We have exceptional professional talent. Our passion for excellence, innovation, dependability, and service are what connect us to our clients and foster unparalleled partnerships.

During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, PHS is rising to the occasion to help ensure community safety by offering COVID-19 testing, thus demonstrating what it is to pivot. Adding the Concierge COVID-19 Testing solution to our menu has been a win-win. It rewards us as health professionals doing our part to ensure the well-being of others, and our clients benefit from the ease of this new amenity. 

Our Vision:

To provide transformative solutions in healthcare.

Our Mission:

To enable consumers and providers of healthcare services to achieve optimal results through tailored solutions.

Our Values:

Excellence- A commitment and passion for outstanding performance.

Innovation- A commitment to exercising creativity to make the improbable possible.

Dependability- A commitment to being reliable and a valuable member of a robust team.

Service- A commitment to improving the consumer experience through quality-oriented programs.

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